Bolo de Caco (Madeiran sweet potato bread)

Bolo do Caco is a unique sweet‑potato based bread served with nearly every meal on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Typically served warm and slathered in garlic butter, they are a great accompaniment to any meal. … More Bolo de Caco (Madeiran sweet potato bread)


Zucchini Tian

This layered zucchini dish is sure to convert any zucchini haters into zucchini lovers — I say this with confidence because it completely converted me! Making the most of simple, fresh, seasonal vegetables, this simple dish is healthful, easy to assemble and packed full of flavor. … More Zucchini Tian


As great as it is to explore new places and eat new foods on vacation, it’s always nice to be back home. Especially when you can recreate a local specialty food right in your own kitchen! … More Socca