Quick Tip: Slicing Bell Peppers

Okay, so slicing peppers is not exactly rocket science. I’m sure we have all done it before and, barring any knife-finger accidents, probably did it just fine. But when I found an easier way to do it, I thought I would share the technique here. After all, I’m all about making things easier in the kitchen.

OLD WAY: I used to take the pepper, cut around the stem, then try to twist and pull it out carefully. However, this left me with a lot of ribs and seeds inside, plus it put my fingers in danger while trying to navigate a sharp knife in a circle.

NEW WAY: Notice how the peppers magically changed color!

Place the pepper upside down. Starting in the center of the bottom, slice all the way down through the grooves of the pepper. It’s like it’s already been scored for you: just cut along the lines!

It works with green ones, too!

Slicing bell peppers 003

Keeping the pepper upside down, pull the slices apart so that they snap off near the stem of the pepper. Most of the seeds should stay attached to the core and stem, and not the slices of pepper.

By cutting along the grooves, you will have exposed the rib inside so it’s right on the edge, and easier to trim off.

Slicing bell peppers 006

Tap out any seeds, and then slice and dice to whatever size you need.

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