Quick Tip: Ingredient Substitutions

Ever run out of an ingredient right in the middle the recipe? Or find out you need something when the store is closed? Okay, probably not, since I know my readers are far more sensible than I am, and actually plan ahead. Hey, I’m getting better at that, but I sometimes get carried away and absolutely MUST start something before checking that I have everything I need on hand.

There is no substitution for planning and preparation, but if you find yourself short of something, here are some “emergency” substitutions that may help you out.

Instead of Can use instead (may affect outcome of product)
Baking powder (1 t) ¼ t baking soda + ½ t cream of tartar
Brown sugar – light (1 C) 1 C granulated (white) sugar + 1½ T molasses
Brown sugar – dark (1 C) 1 C granulated (white) sugar + 4 T (¼ C) molasses, or
1 C light brown sugar + 1 T molasses
Corn starch (1½ t) 1 T all-purpose flour
Eggs (1 whole) 2 egg yolks + 2 T water (for cookies), or
2 egg yolks (for custards, etc.)
Flour, self-rising (1 C) 1 C all-purpose flour + 1½ t baking powder + ½ t salt
Flour, self-rising (6¼ C) 6 C all-purpose flour + 3 T baking powder + 1 T salt
Flour, cake ( 1C) 1 C all-purpose flour minus 2 T
Garlic (1 medium clove) 1/8 t garlic powder, or
¼ t dried minced garlic
Herbs, fresh (1 T) ¾ to 1 t dried herbs
Honey, (1 C) 1¼ C sugar + ¼ C liquid
Milk, whole (1 C) ½ C evaporated milk + ½ C water, or
1 C reconstituted nonfat dry milk + 2 t butter/marg.
Milk, buttermilk/sour (1 C) 1 T lemon juice or white vinegar plus enough milk to make 1 cup; let stand a few minutes, or
1 C plain yogurt
Onion (1/3 C chopped) 1 t onion powder
Onion (1 C chopped) 3 t onion powder
Sour cream (1 C) 1 C plain yogurt, or
1 C Greek yogurt

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