Quick Tip: Peeling Carrots

Quick Tip: Peeling Carrots – Fast!

I first found this tip in a Fine Cooking magazine and thought I’d give it a try. It worked great, and was actually kind of fun! While their technique says to hold the carrot off the board, I found it easier to just lay it flat on the board. (I realize this would be easier to post as a video, but my blog isn’t that sophisticated yet.)

Start by laying a carrot flat on a cutting board. It helps if you leave the stem end attached, for something to hold on to. Slide the vegetable peeler in one direction. (In this photo, I’m peeling toward the stem end.)

QT Peeling Carrots 002
Now, without moving the peeler off the carrot, rotate the carrot just slightly, and peel in the other direction. (I’m peeling away from the stem end now. Whoosh!)

QT Peeling Carrots 004
Continue moving the peeler back and forth, back and forth, while slowly rotating the carrot with the other hand. You’ll end up with a peeled carrot and a big string of peel in the peeler.

QT Peeling Carrots 006
Pull out the peel and start the next carrot. You’ll end up with a bunch of peeled carrots, and a nice, big pile of peels.

QT Peeling Carrots 007
Feel free to have some fun with the peels before throwing them away. For instance, if you happen to have a Mr. Blobby doll, you can give him a new hairdo.

QT Peeling Carrots 012
Now dispose of those peels, trim the carrots, and get back to cooking!

Peeling Carrots

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