Quick Tip: Trimming and Washing Leeks

Leeks can be a little tricky. Much of the leek is too tough to eat and needs to be cut away, and the insides are typically very dirty and need to be washed very well. Here are some tips to make this process a little easier.

Leeks  046

Start by cutting off the top half, the darkest green part of the leek. Throw this away, or save for another use, if you have one.

Leeks  048

Pull off the outermost layer and throw it away.

Leeks - prepping 005

Peel off the second or third layers, too, if they are tough. Throw these away as well.

Olive Oil Braised Leeks 005

Next, slice each leek in half, lengthwise. Hold the leek carefully so it doesn’t roll while you’re cutting it. Hold the knife carefully as well, keeping it away from clumsy fingers. Trust me: I speak from experience.

Olive Oil Braised Leeks 003


Place the trimmed leeks in a bowl of water, swish them around a bit, and fan each “leaf” to rinse every layer. This step is really easy with enough of the root left intact to hold it all together.

Olive Oil Braised Leeks 011

If the water becomes dirty, which it likely will, just pour it out and refill with fresh water. Continue rinsing, swishing, and fanning the leeks.

Olive Oil Braised Leeks 009

Pat the leeks dry with a paper towel, and they are ready to be used. Cut them or trim the root end as needed. For this recipe, I leave them intact and braise them in the oven.

Olive Oil Braised Leeks 017

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