Lilac Honey

Lilac Honey

Lilac Honey

Here’s an easy way to make a lilac infused honey that can be used just like regular honey in recipes, drinks, etc.

These measurements are really just a very loose guideline: the main idea is to pack a jar with lilac blossoms and then fill the jar with honey. I based my recipe off this one. For an 8-ounce jar, use:
1 C lilac blossoms, tightly packed (See my method here for harvesting, cleaning and picking them)
1 C honey

Pack a small (8 oz) Mason jar really tightly with the blossoms. Keep pushing them down, really pack them in. Now fill the jar with honey.

Lilac 037

Place the cap on the jar and shake well to distribute. The honey can be used pretty much any time: right away, the next day, or even later. The longer it steeps, the more lilac flavor will be infused.

Pour some into a smaller jar to share with a friend. (If she’s a really good friend, bring her fresh lilacs as well!)

Use the honey just like you would normally use honey, petals and all. Enjoy!

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