Fresh Summer Corn and Tomato Salad

Summer Corn and Tomato SaladI first made this salad for a summer party when I needed something to do with fresh, seasonal corn and ripe tomatoes. There was already plenty of other food, but since there was space on the buffet table, I figured I’d experiment with something new. I’m so glad I did, as it was a huge hit and it was the first dish we ran completely out of. I adapted this recipe by adding a few extra summer herbs I had on hand. Play around with it, adding more of what you like.

Fresh Summer Corn and Tomato Salad
2 C fresh corn kernels, cooked and cooled (from 3 to 4 medium ears)
1 pint cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered (depending on size)
1 T chopped fresh tarragon
2 T other chopped herbs, optional (try basil, Thai basil, parsley, chives, etc.)
2 T extra-virgin olive oil
1½ T freshly squeezed lemon juice
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Place the cooked corn in a medium bowl, then add the chopped cherry tomatoes, tarragon, and additional herbs (if using). In a small bowl, mix the olive oil with the lemon juice, about ¼ t Kosher salt, and a few grinds of pepper. Drizzle over the corn mixture, toss well to combine, and serve. Adjust salt and pepper to taste.

Step by Step Details

I prefer to cook my corn on the cob first (I usually grill it), and then cut it off the cob using this cool Oxo gadget. Alternatively, you could cut the corn off first and then boil it gently or sauté it for a minute in olive oil.

Summer Corn Salad 001

Be sure to use cherry (or grape) tomatoes. Full sized tomatoes won’t have the same crisp texture.

Summer Corn Salad 000

Chop the tomatoes into roughly same-sized pieces.

Summer Corn Salad 002

Gather the fresh tarragon and any other summer herbs and chop them all up. I added basil, Thai basil, parsley and chives. Stay away from the stronger herbs, like thyme, oregano, or sage, as they may overpower the sweetness of the salad. (Then again, they might taste great!)

Summer Corn Salad 003

To make the lemon vinaigrette dressing, in a small bowl, mix the olive oil with the lemon juice, about ¼ t Kosher salt, and a few grinds of pepper. I even added a few pinches of dried tarragon, because I love it so much and didn’t have much fresh tarragon in my garden. Stir or whisk until completely blended. (Note: you will have more than this. I didn’t take the photo until after I used most of it. I admit, I couldn’t wait to finish making this and dig in!)

Summer corn salad 011

Place the corn, tomatoes and herbs in a bowl and drizzle the lemon vinaigrette over the mixture until it is well coated but not too wet.

Summer corn salad 004

Toss well to combine, and serve. Enjoy!

Summer corn salad 008

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