Quick Tip: Poaching eggs in the oven

Poached eggs in oven 009Here’s a super easy way to poach several eggs at once. When I first saw an online video for this technique, I knew I had to try it. My experience with as-seen-on-the-internet cooking techniques is that they don’t always work, but this one really did!



1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and place a rack in the middle position.


2. Put 1 tablespoon of water in each well of a muffin tin, then crack an egg into each well.

Poached eggs in oven 002 You can use either a 6-cup or 12-cup muffin tin. Or a combination of different sizes, depending on how many eggs you’re poaching.

Poached eggs in oven 0043. Place the tin of eggs on a middle rack of the oven for 8 to 10 minutes, until the white has set but the yolk is still runny. Cooking times may vary with different ovens, so it may take a couple times to figure out the perfect timing for yours. (I first tried this with another recipe that suggested cooking for 13 to 15 minutes but found that after 14 minutes the yolks had started to harden.)

Poached eggs in oven 0064. The cooked eggs may stick to the sides of the tin, so carefully scrape along the outside and bottom of each egg with a rubber spatula to loosen.


Poached eggs in oven 0075. Carefully remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and serve while still hot.

Poached eggs in oven 009Besides being really easy, this technique produces perfectly round eggs every time. Enjoy!




3 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Poaching eggs in the oven

  1. Sounds good! I’m just wondering, would it help to spray each well w/oil before adding the water & egg? I’ve done something like this to make egg, meat, cheese & sauce cups — spray the wells (I spray everything!), line w/a slice of deli meat (cutting up the sides allows it to line the cups better), add an egg (I like to scramble, so it cooks evenly), top w/sauce &/or cheese. YUM!!! (And even my autie angel eats it, which is a real miracle!)


    1. It may help, but try it first without spraying. I spray my muffin tins, too, when making eggy things (although my newer tins don’t need it, as they are still nonstick!), but the water that poaches these keeps them from sticking too much. It probably depends on how nonstick the tins are.


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