Quick Tip: How to cut a watermelon into cubes (without the mess)

Looking for an easy way to cut up watermelon into cubes without the juice making a mess all over the cutting board and countertop? I happened to see this tip on my Facebook feed and tried it out the very next day when I made my Watermelon, Feta, Olive and Mint summer salad. Works like a charm!

1. Cut the watermelon into quarters and use this technique on each segment.

2. Hold the knife parallel to the edge of the watermelon and make a slice through the melon down to the rind — just slice through the melon, do not go all the way through the skin. You’ll feel a little resistance as you hit the rind.

20150701_162124Continue making parallel cuts in this direction, as wide or narrow as you want your cubes.

20150701_1622023. Turn the melon and make the same parallel cuts on the other side.

20150701_1622344. Finally, make several vertical cuts down the the rind. Again, in whatever thickness you want for the cubes.

20150701_1624165. Put the watermelon into a large bowl or container and spoon out the cubes. You may need to scrape the ones off the rind a little.

20150701_1624516. Clean up the huge juice mess on the cutting board. Oh wait — it’s not there!


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